Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tico Drivers - the Experts

We were out walking, and saw a truck hit a car (or vice versa, who knows?). The law here is that if you get into an accident, you don’t move your cars (at all – not even 2 feet to make room for other cars to get around you) until the police *and* the insurance guy get there. If you move, the accident is automatically your fault. So – we walked up to it (it was on our way, we weren’t rubbernecking – honest!) – rainwater overflowing the sidewalks in places (this is why the gutters are 2 feet deep!), and stopped at a restaurant on the corner to watch the show (well, our feet were tired anyway – we weren’t rubbernecking, honest!). This is the kind of situation that shows the Tico drivers at their best – people were driving cars and good-sized delivery trucks around this accident, with a truck on one side, and a 2-foot-deep gutter on the other. While we were there, only 2 people got tires stuck in the gutter, and only one driver dinged his mirror :) :(. When the tires got stuck in the gutter, about 5 guys lifted the front of the car while the driver backed up – bam! Out of the gutter. No hay problema! We waited out another 5-minute cat-and-dog drop, had some cold coffee drinks and dessert, then walked the rest of the way ‘home.’

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