Thursday, December 13, 2007

April 20, 2007 - lights out!

Last night, just as Teresita was getting dinner started, the electricity went out. I grabbed our flashlights, and others found candles. We went out to the street to see how bad it was, and the entire town was dark (except the bank - it had a generator). The street reminded me of times at work when the electricity would go out - people gathered under the emergency lighting and visited. There were a *lot* of people visiting in the street - was a kind of party :). It lasted less than an hour, but we had several more episodes in the evening - the lights dimmed a few times, and they went out once more. The party was over by 9:30, and the electricity stayed on through the night - very fortunate for me, since I can't sleep without my CPAP machine, and it can't work without electricity ;(.

We found out more details - the entire country lost electricity! ICE was managing the water by moving some around - Guanacaste is very dry now, and has a water shortage. When they move the water around, the hydroelectric system can't handle it, and we get brown-outs (and black-outs). I know Costa Rica supplies power to Panama and Nicaragua, but I haven't heard whether these countries also lost power.

The news said they will be doing this some more tonight, so we expect more of the same.

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