Thursday, December 13, 2007

April 16, 2007 - Orosi houses (part 2)

For the ¨fancy¨ house near the school, they started out asking $500/month - yikes! After some discussion, they dropped it some, but not enough for us. So we will let that percolate some and check out some other houses. We went to see an apartment this morning - it is a studio, and pretty small, and the current offer on rent is $160/month, including some furniture and utilities. It doesn´t have a phone, but we can use the landlady´s. We can also use the washing machine and the outdoor table for dining. The grounds are lovely - lots of plants. The apartment is an addition to the house, with a separate entrance. The landlady has plans to add more, but for now, there is only one apartment.
After school, we said no to the 3 bedroom house that is pretty far from town. Then another teacher heard we were looking, and said her father has an apartment - we´ll probably look at it this week.

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