Sunday, December 16, 2007

November 13, 2007 - Catching Up

Yesterday we caught up with our friends Linda and Norman!
Linda met us at Jalapeño´s in Alajuela, where we all caught up with Norman :). After lunch, she drove us to see her house and the house she is building in Bodega (a small town outside of Tacares, which is a small town between Alajuela and Grecia).

The house she is renting is just lovely! It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, great tile, wonderful view, and evokes comforting feelings.

We went to see the progress on the house she is building nearby - they have the foundation done, and have most of the walls done, so you can see how it will be to live in it. (check out Linda´s blog)

After seeing the work-in-progress, we went back to her rental, sat on her front porch, and Rick played his banjo :). The neighbors come out to listen to the last couple of songs - that was nice.

It started to rain pretty heavily, so we went back inside for a while, then out to dinner in Grecia. Let me tell you - don´t look for an open restaurant on Mondays in Grecia! We finally found the Oasis restaurant open (we were the only ones there). *All* of the others we knew of were closed!

After dinner, we caught the 9:00 bus back to Alajuela (they leave every hour, but I don´t know how late they run). We walked from the bus stop to the central park with a very nice gentleman who had been visiting a friend in Naranjo.

PS - Most restaurants in Heredia are closed on *Sundays*

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