Thursday, December 13, 2007

May 17, 2007 - More Music!

We had more music last night! :D

There was a pot luck at Montaña Linda Hostel, in part to say ¨good-bye¨ to Jen - she left for the airport today. We´ll miss her smiling face and enthusiasm for life.

We had a very nice, large-ish crowd (about 20) gathered around a bunch of pushed-together tables; talking, laughing, eating... Then Rick broke out his travel guitar and sang a bunch of his songs and a few borrowed blues and ballads. Then Adrian took over, and we heard some lovely Spanish songs.

A giant beetle flying around the light over my head drove me from my seat (and a couple of my neighbors as well), but it disappeared soon after (I guess its job was done - what a laugh it must have had, seeing all of us scamper away).

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