Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007 – Music!

Last weekend we met some musicians from the group WireTree! We were at lunch and heard people speaking English; well, pretty soon we were all talking about music – I don’t think you can talk to someone for half an hour before finding out whether he is a musician. Since it was their last full day in Costa Rica, we decided to all get together for a jam session :).

It was short but sweet! Rachel, Kevin, and Carlos dropped by (with a bottle of wine :)), and there was music! Rick and Kevin traded off playing original songs; the rest of us sat back and enjoyed. I was the lucky one – I was between them, so when Rick played, I also got Kevin’s chords – true stereo :D.

Check out some of the songs here (http:\\ and here (http:\\ See YouTube too!

UPDATE: fixed the links (thanks for the heads up, Paul!)

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