Thursday, December 13, 2007

June 03, 2007 - Sick in Paradise

That´s Sick IN Paradise, not Sick OF Paradise...

Rick has had a huge head cold for almost a week now. It peaked on Friday, and so Saturday I went to the Farmacia for the good stuff. Up until then, we´d been using the grocery store for Tabcin (pretty good, but not strong enough now), and the market for lots of chicken soup.

Making the chicken soup was actually pretty interesting - I went to the veggie stand on the corner, and started listing items I wanted. At intervals, the owner would say ¨anything else?¨ (ok, really ¨¿algo más?¨). Finally, I asked him if he could recommend anything more for sopa, or olla (soup or stew). He and another customer added a couple of more interesting veggies (I don´t remember the names ) and told me how to cook them (put them in the soup whole, then peel them afterwards). All that help AND the veggies set me back 400 colones (about 75 cents) - and I got called ¨princess¨ while I was at it (that´s a good thing)...

The Farmacia was quite an exhilarating experience. Thankfully I´d had some Spanish. It wasn´t as anxiety-producing as I expected; I made myself understood, the pharmacist asked important questions (and I could answer!), and I left with medicines and instructions.

Rick is a LOT better today - tired of being cooped up, and ready to at least say hello to the world again. And we have plenty of meds to keep him that way :D

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