Thursday, December 13, 2007

May 04, 2007 - Coconut Chicken, Green Beans, and Cabbage Salad

More one-pan, gas-stove dinners:

Coconut Chicken and Green Beans
Dice a double-handful of green beans
Heat soy oil in a pan
Beat one egg in a shallow bowl
Sprinkle grated coconut (without sugar - difficult to find in the USA) in another shallow bowl
Dip one pechuga de pollo (two breasts of chicken) in the egg, then roll in coconut; place in hot pan and sprinkle with black pepper
Add green beans to pan; pour any remaining egg and coconut over the green beans and stir around
Turn chicken when browned; cover and cook till done, perhaps 15 minutes (long enough to do the dishes and have a seat)

Red Cabbage Salad
Quarter a softball sized repollo rojo (red cabbage); chop one quarter and store the rest
Julienne half a carrot
Dice half a softball sized tomato
Mix all with black pepper and ground cloves
Serve with Italian dressing

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