Thursday, December 13, 2007

May 25, 2007 - Light Sights

Light Sights around Orosí:

Watching the clouds from our table in the restaurant (on a covered patio, no glass between us and the elements), I see 4 green parrots flying free across the valley.

Three generations walking in the rain: grandmother with an umbrella, mother with an umbrella, and a child in a rain poncho - pushing off the hood...

A gaggle of school children (in uniform) walking to the swimming pool - holding hands in pairs, following their teacher.

Hearing a bird chirping outside the Internet café, looking out to see my new favorite bird - a bright yellow-breasted, grey-backed bird, with grey, white, and red striped head.

A school-yard full of 7-year olds in rain gear, getting sprayed with the hose - after one WHOLE day of no rain...

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