Thursday, December 13, 2007

June 07, 2007

No big news, just a few tidbits...

There is a group of Harvard students here to get a week of orientation. They will be in Costa Rica for a year, helping to teach English to high-schoolers in small towns. One of them turned his ankle, and so I gave him one of our tubes of Aspercreme and our elastic bandage. The guy who is leading the group was a student at Montaña Linda, and stayed with our Tico family some time ago - so we had met him before.

Rick just got a massage - 45 minutes for about $6. I get one later this week - can´t wait!

We helped Mariala (one of the daughters in our Tico family) set up an email account, so now she can write a friend (and us!).

I taught Mariela´s son how to make the horse-running sound by slapping your legs - now he points to my boots and says ¨más!¨

I told Dad´s joke to Katia´s family - first in Spanish (wow!), then in English Of course, it is much easier to get away with it in Spanish when you tell it ¨live¨ instead of writing it...

A group of cowboys was out on the range, when the cook died. None of the cowboys wanted to cook, so they drew straws. The one who got the short straw said, ¨ok, I´ll cook, but the first person who complains will have to take over.¨ Well, meals came and went; they were pretty bad, but no one wanted to cook, and so no one complained. Finally, the new cook had had enough - he was sick and tired of cooking. So, he cooked up a big batch of beans, and added a _ton_ of salt; he thinks to himself, ¨this will do the trick!¨ Well, the cowboys all get their bowls of beans, and dig in. Suddenly, one cowboy sputters and yells, ¨my god! these beans are salty!¨ A gasp rises from the camp, and he realizes what he has said. Then he quickly says, ¨but that´s the way I like ´em!¨

Katia´s daughter told us a joke in return. A drunk stumbled up to a pulpería (a small general store), and asked the owner, ¨how many bumps are on my head?¨ The owner said ¨5¨ and the drunk said, ¨oh good, only 2 more lightpoles till I get home.¨

Did you know that shackles are called ¨esposas¨ (wives)? Hmmm.
If you get dust on your shoes when someone is sweeping, you will never get married.

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