Thursday, December 13, 2007

May 13, 2007 - Undone by Rum (nearly)

Friends have been raving about ¨Flor de Caña¨ - it is a brand of Rum made in Nicaragua. So on our last trip to Cartago, we bought some. We get it home, eager to see what the fuss is about. I pop the top, pour, and nothing! A couple of drips! (not us, the Rum...)

Well, we are definitely a couple of stubborn people. And we want our Rum! It has a strange-looking contraption in the neck of the bottle. It looks like it could be a splash-regulator, or it could be a seal. Since it didn´t pour, we´re goin´ with seal. We twist it, we take a knife to it, we hack it to pieces. Still no Rum :(. Rick says he gives up; I start in on it; Rick wants another turn - I say ¨but you gave up¨ - I take a corkscrew to it (I _did_ say we were stubborn). Finally! the corkscrew tears off a big piece, and gouges my hand. We have Rum! I pour some over my new wound, slap on a bandaid, and pour some Rum. It is probably just ordinary Rum, but you better believe it tasted good (I _did_ say we were stubborn)...

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