Thursday, December 13, 2007

June 23, 2007 - Memorable Restaurants and Hotels

Memorable Restaurants and Hotels

(I have no business affiliation with any of these, just good history)


· Cugini's - Italian, ~2 blocks west of the central park

· Hotel Santamaría, SW corner of Juan SantaMaría park; Aldo and Jorge (and Jorge & Rosaria) are helpful and interesting (art, movies, movie-making, world travel, Antarctica, Argentina...)

· Jalapeño's - TexMex, ~2 blocks north of the central park

· Soda el Banco - best Gallo Pinto so far, across the street from the south-west corner of Juan SantaMaría park

· Vida Tropical, B&B in a nice quiet neighborhood, ~5 blocks north of the central park; Norman and Isabel are great! Lots of interesting breakfast chatter.


· B&B Grecia - less than 2 blocks south of the park; Karl and Monika look out for you!

· Café Delicias - half block west of the park

· Colbert's - near Poás; "Fancy French" restaurant, with great view. We had a lunch of paté, main course, wine, and dessert for $22 each (plus the gas to get there....). Good to do once in a while.


· Hotel Heredia - 4 blocks north-west of the central park; Don Carlos is the owner of this and 3 others, but lives behind this one. He is very interesting to talk to (Spanish only).

· Le Petite Paris - near the central park - look for their signs with directions; excellent French meals, for not much $


· Montaña Linda Hostel (250 m west of Bar Primavera) or Guest House (just south of the Montaña Linda Spanish School)

· Hotel Reventezón (and restaurant) - on the corner south of super anita #2

· Otiac - restaurant attached to the Spanish school (also contains the "post office")

· Pizzeria Valle de Luz - in the Super Anita #2 center

· Tia´s Jardin - 2 blocks north of the church; excellent vegetarian (Thai on Friday nights)

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