Thursday, December 13, 2007

May 15, 2007 - Perfect Time of Year?

There are plenty of arguments about when is the best time of year to be in Costa Rica. Other than _all_ the time, most people go for the dry season - generally between late November and early April. It is a nice time, in part because you don´t have to worry about forgetting your umbrella - you don´t need it.

We haven´t been here for each part of the year yet, but the first part of May has captured us. There are afternoon and/or evening rains every few days, cooling the air and settling the dust. The sky is a fabulous blue, offset by brilliant white clouds, and the occasional boiling dark clouds bringing rain. The sun streaks through fluffy clouds to light the bright green mountains surrounding our small valley. Thunder and lightning roll through and give the town cannon some competition.

We expect that the next month will bring daily afternoon deluges - those are fun in their own way...

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