Thursday, December 13, 2007

April 20, 2007 - jokes?

Jokes don't always translate from one culture to another. Examples:

USA: "I got a gas cap for my hyundai" - "good trade!"

Costa Rica: The word "for" lets you take the first sentence two ways. But in Spanish, there are two words for "for" - "por" and "para." If you try to translate the first sentence into Spanish, you have to pick "por" or "para," and give away the true meaning - there is no way to take it the other way.


USA: "Some men go after women like dogs chasing cars - if they catch one, they don't know how to drive."

Costa Rica: few Ticos have ever seen a dog chasing a car. For whatever reason (too hot? "Owned" dogs are kept in a gated yard?), dogs just don't chase cars here.

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