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May 06, 2007 - Orosi vs Orosí

Orosi vs Orosí


I asked a group of Ticas about the pronunciation of Orosí, and they said this: the *town* is pronounced oh-ROH-si. But there is a Volcán Orosí that is pronounced oh-roh-SI! I looked for this volcano on my maps, and can *not* find it. I didn´t think until later to ask how the name of the *Valley* is pronounced. Oh well.

Of course, *all* of the above are spelled the same way: Orosí.

Update: the valley of Orosí is pronounced the same as the town.

Update (July 22, 2008): I finally ran across an article about the volcano - it is in Guanacaste, no where *near* Cartago!

"The Orosi Volcano is one of the main natural treasures at the Guanacaste National Park..."

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