Thursday, December 13, 2007

May 01, 2007 - Labor Day, Costa Rica

Today is Labor Day in Costa Rica, and in much of the rest of the world as well. So strange that it is not celebrated today in the USA, since the event that marks it *happened* in the USA. At any rate, it is a big day off for folks here. The local swimming pool is the busiest I have seen yet - cars are parked even on the side street a block away.

On Saturday afternoon, we were surprised to hear the local cannon/fireworks go off several times, accompanied by a parade of *huge* trucks around town. They drove and honked for almost an hour. They passed our corner, and we walked to the main street to see how far it extended - at least 4 blocks down and back, bumper-to-bumper trucks. There were rock haulers, cement trucks, semis (yes! in Costa Rica!), and bulldozers. We decided they were celebrating Labor Day early. Later, we asked someone about it, and he suggested that it was the owner of the stone quarry showing off - he and the owner of a similar concern seem to be embroiled in a pissing contest. Either way, it was pretty interesting, and attracted quite a crowd.

We had planned to have our homestay "parents" over for cafecito this afternoon, but they called to say they couldn't make it. We have been thinking about how to reciprocate some of the visits we have had with others - usually over a meal of some kind. Our kitchen is *very* limited, with just enough plates, silverware, and coffee cups for us, and no good way to cook rice and beans (you *have* to have rice and beans if you invite someone for a meal). Finally, we decided to buy a couple more coffee mugs, purchase a selection of pastries, and have cafecito at the table outside. We'll see how that works.

Electricity and water report for Monday - Water was off in the morning till 8, and electricity went off at 9 (time enough to get a shower). Electricity back on at 11, back off from 3 - 5.

Weather: got a good downpour on Saturday; Sunday was beautiful - sunny and cool; clear most of Monday, with a few sprinkles in the late afternoon.

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