Sunday, December 16, 2007

November 16, 2007 - House Hunting

House-hunting in the city is quite different than looking in a small town!

Wednesday, we went into San José and got the ball rolling (at least we tried to). We got the paper, talked to a few people at ARCR, got some advice about where else to try (near San Pedro, but not in San Pedro - Curridabat, Sabanilla, Yoses, Escalante, Guadalupe).

Our two biggest problems are (1) we don´t have phone privileges at our hostel, so we miss calls and have to go to either the park or the internet café to call out, and (2) we are not staying in San Pedro while looking for a place there. Our hostel is a long bus ride (1 hr) to the area.

We called back on some leads, but nothing so far.

Meanwhile, just in case... Our Hostel-keeper is keeping an eye out for us in Alajuela.

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