Thursday, December 13, 2007

June 16, 2007 - San Isidro de Grecia

We were all packed up and ready by 11:00, and the taxi showed up on time. As I was rolling the first suitcase out, I noticed the welcome mat was somewhat in the way. So, on the way back, I tried to move it out of the way - hmph - the only thing I succeeded in doing was to move *myself* out of the way - and out of commission ;(. I fell - big time. It took almost 3 months for me to meet my obligation, but I finally got the "Costa Rica fall" over with. I didn't break anything, but scraped and bruised almost everything. And, of course, scared everyone. That's a heck of a way to get out of loading the taxi...

We got on the road by 11:30, and Jose (the taxista) was kind enough to stop in Cartago so I could stretch my legs, and Rick could get some pictures of the ruins (Las Ruinas). We had been to Cartago a few times, but never lugged our camera along (it is BIG and conspicuous). It
took us about 2 hours to get to central Grecia, where we called Linda - but no answer. Well, our taxista was fearless, and we had Linda's address, so we kept asking directions from the friendly folks along the road, and had no wrong turns . Got to San Isidro de Grecia before the rain - it is about 10 km from Grecia - and were about to call Linda. But what do we see? Linda pulls up right behind us! She had heard the cell phone, but been unable to get it, assumed it was us, and drove a circle around the bus station looking for us. When she didn't see us, she headed to her house - and there we were! Funny how things work out.

Well, Linda's house is a far cry from our Orosi apartment! It has a wonderful view, a kitchen (inside!), a HOT shower - it is beautiful! And, best of all, it has Linda - it's nice to be company.

The other day, we went out to see the cabina Linda is building in Bodega. We had seen the bones of it on a previous trip, and now it is really filling out - it has a fabulous patio, a nice wood ceiling, windows, paint :)...

Yesterday, we went into San Jose, just to see what sort of things the big stores have available for poor (ok, you have to be rich) gringos when they start missing stuff from home. Now we know - you can definitely get good quality sheets and towels; you can find a deep, big mattress; you can get good chocolate. You still can't find bourbon or the scotch we like. If you want to spend $500, you can get a pretty fancy mixer (that's for the kitchen, not a cement mixer).

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