Sunday, December 16, 2007

November 11, 2007 - Relaxed Sunday

I can't *believe* it! We slept until 10:30! What was left of the morning was sloooow. Showered, ate some of the food we brought from the USA, finished unpacking, and went in search of coffee!
First, we needed $$$$ - the Banco National and ATM are right across the street from the central park, and 2 doors down - COFFEE!!! By then, it was 2:00, so we got breakfast makin's at the mega super, and stopped at a Chinese restaurant for a late lunch.

Our phone numbers are all on-line, so no catching up with friends tonight :~

Rick's playing his banjo :) :) :)

Then we're off to Cugini's for dinner - yum!

Weather report: light rain off and on all day; 70-73 inside

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