Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Driver's Licenses

On afternoon of the day we got our Cédulas, we got our Costa Rican Driver's licenses!

1:00 - to ARCR to get help with our driver's licenses. We pay about $40 for help, and hop in a taxi w/ Alfredo.
First stop is a "Doctor's office" where we pay $20 and they fill out a health form. We take that across the street and start the driver's license process.
The first stop is closed for lunch until 2:00 (it closes at 2:30), so we wait... The woman comes back and checks our documents (health forms, copies of our California driver's licenses, and copies of our cedulas), stamps them, and we go to the next line. This is considerably shorter than when we first got there (Since no one could proceed without the first check), so this is pretty fast. They ask for our address and phone number (Alfredo gives them the ARCR info).
Then we go to the "pay" window - drop another $16 and get our receipt.
Then to the "picture" line - here's where we get to sit (many of the lines in Costa Rica are rows of chairs - it's like musical chairs without the music). At the front of the line, we get our pictures and fingerprints taken and then they produce the card. We sign for it, and we're done!

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