Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 6, 2008 - Trucker’s Day

Sunday (January 6, also epiphany) was “Trucker’s Day” in Alajuela. We live right off the Calle Ancha (that’s the “wide street” that circles the central 10 blocks or so of town - it is the boundary where the one-way streets turn into 2-way streets). Calle Ancha was basically the trucker parade route. So, from quarter till eleven in the morning, for an hour and a half, we could see and *hear* the trucks - slowly and noisily honking along.

I remember as a kid, we used to give the sign (your fist grabbing an imaginary air horn in the air and pulling) to truckers whenever we saw one, and they would honk just for us - this was as if a whole town of kids was giving the sign to an *entire* factory of trucks! For *hours*!

It also reminded me of weddings - everyone used to convoy over from the wedding ceremony to the reception; we would all line up, take off, and honk like crazy the whole way. I once nearly burned out a horn doing that - it ended up making these little meee-ee-eep mee-ee-eep sounds…

I don’t know if this was a special day for Truckers only in Alajuela, or if it was all around the country. In Orosí, we encountered a similar parade, but it was right before Labor Day (May 1st).

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