Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008 – Feelin´ Human (I mean groovy)

I guess I have to admit it – parents can give good advice, even when you are a full-fledged adult (sigh). A few weeks ago, we used our kitchen to poison ourselves (not recommended) – we were over the worst in a couple of days, but it seemed like we would *never* get back to a real life. Well, when we got our phones (yay! – still excited about *that*!), we phoned home. There is nothing like talking to family, especially when you are feeling under the weather. That is when the parental advice kicked in – ¨you gotta replace those good bacteria – eat some yogurt!¨ So we did! And it worked!

We had spent a couple of weeks dragging around, barely getting through the necessary chores of getting groceries and so on. We were planning to go to the Palmares tope last Thursday, but that fell through – I am admitting now (and frankly admitted it half way through that day), I am relieved. I can´t imagine lasting in the heat, with the crowds, given how weak we were feeling just walking to the corner!

Well, the very next day, we started the yogurt cure – had some for every meal for a couple of days, and felt better immediately.

Saturday, we ran into some friends, and felt well enough to go to a dinner party that night – we took the guitar and played and sang a bit. We met some new people – always a fun thing, especially when they are on an adventure themselves. :)

Then Sunday! We really took this day as it came. We went with a friend to Escazú, to the Café de Artistas – there we had brunch while listening to a jazz combo (our new friend Joe Anello was playing drums). (RC folks – guess what I got to have – Eggs Benedict! And it wasn´t even Friday!). After brunch, we went to visit more friends – Jim and Ann-Marie just had their baby! So we got to see her, and get caught up on what everyone was doing and planning. Then, since we were nearby anyway, we stopped at EPA (it´s a lot like Home Depot) and found a water filter – whew! No more lugging bottled water** home! And *then* (I know, I know – don´t overdo it, you´re still recovering) we stopped at the Automercado (this is a high-end supermarket, where you can likely find foods you can´t find anywhere else). Rick was on a mission to find black olives – mission accomplished! (this mission really was accomplished – ok, that is my only tiny contribution to the political discussion)

And now we are – Feelin´ Human… (sung to Feeling Groovy)
Speed up, you´ve been too slow
You get to last the whole day now…

Feelin´ Huuuuuman...

** I know, you are supposed to be able to drink the water in Costa Rica. And most people can! Just not us…


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Would you be able to expand on what you will do with the water filter to make your water drinkable? Is this something you connect to your tap? Please advise as I am also concerned about not being able to drink CR water.
Many thanks,

JulieAndRickInCostaRica said...

Hi Marika -
We went with the simplest solution we could find. We got a Culligan filter that connects to the tap - you turn on the water, then pull out a valve to run it through the filter. It is about 4 or 5 inches tall, and maybe 3 inches in diameter, so it blocks some of the sink, but we´re getting used to it. :) It works well - it ways it removes chlorine and giardia (I´m not saying these are present, just that it removes particles of that size). The filter has to be replaced about every 2 months, and we didn´t see any replacements at EPA. We got it anyway. The next step up was a filter that you have to install inline with your faucet - it mounts under the sink, and has its own faucet. This would have taken tools and probably a plumber - not something we really wanted to do in a rental, but we will do this in the long run.
The strange thing about the water for us is that we can drink it for several weeks without problems. But after 3 or 4, we get the runs (I know, lovely topic, but necessary). Simply switching to bottled (or now, filtered) water fixes us right up (in a couple of days).

Julie said...

This news just in - there is a vaccine for rotovirus available. Read a bit here: