Friday, January 4, 2008

January 4, 2008 - Everyone Knows It´s Windy

And it has been *WINDY* every single day this year! (I just love saying that).

*Immediately* after the New Year´s Eve party, the wind picked up. Roofs are flapping, stuff is blowing in under the door, windows are slamming shut (and open). It is non-stop!

We saw a towel (some poor unfortunate´s laundry) hanging in the telephone wires. So I immediately started using 3 clips for each shirt, and constantly looking out the window to make sure none of my laundry had blown away. It didn´t, but it sure did twist and turn (and I´m glad I did use extra clips – several had come loose!).

It is getting easier to get to sleep – we are starting to take the racket for granted. I think if it suddenly stopped, I would as suddenly awaken not knowing what was going on.

I sure don´t envy anyone trying to fly in or out of San José these days. A friend´s parents flew out yesterday – I think I would have tried to delay… (ok, call me a wimp. I would have at the *very* least gotten all drugged up for it).

The good news - I am stuck on songs like "Everyone Knows it's Windy" and "Blue Skies."

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