Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28, 2008 - Missing My Car

OK, I admit it - I miss my car! I even miss my old college car - the old beat up Datsun 510 station wagon with 300,000 miles on it...

Yesterday we were kinda bored, kinda tired, kinda wanted to do something, but didn´t want to go to any effort. A perfect day for a drive! Except we don´t have a car :(

I know, you say ¨get a life!¨ and I say ¨gimme a car!¨

We specifically got an apartment in the center of town so that we could walk wherever we need to - buses, restaurants, internet cafés, parks, mall, groceries, ICE - you name it, it´s within 10 blocks. But it is also 3 bus-rides to go to visit friends in Orosí - who can take a deep breath and say they will do *that* all in one day? By car, it is less than an hour and a half - a long day, but still plenty of time to drive, visit a while, and be home - I´d do it at least once (I used to do almost that much to get to and from work!).

Most of the time (so far, *all* of the time, but who wants to push it?), we take a bus to somewhere near a friend, then they drive down and pick us up - we have a nice visit, then catch the bus home. Sometimes, another friend will swing by and give us a lift, or others will bring us home (you know, its on the way) after a party. And even though I know I would be happy to do the same thing for others, wouldn´t it be a relief all around if we just had our own car?

Then I look back on our original plans - HAH! Something tells me we´re going to end up living pretty much like we did in the states (house, car, all the accessories) - except our lives will be our own. And that´s really what it´s all about.


Arp said...

I think having a car is good. Using it too much is not good, but for those days when you just need to Go Somewhere, a car can't be beat.

JulieAndRickInCostaRica said...

*Exactly* my thinking!