Saturday, December 4, 2010

Roller Skating?!?!

Roller Skating?!?!  You bet!  I went roller skating this afternoon!  I haven't been since I was a teenager, but guess what?  Nothing much has changed - same music, same games, same smell :-S.  Nostalgia is strange sometimes.

I went with a couple I met through my French school, so we had a very nice conversational mixture of Spanish, French, and English.  It was a workout for my brain as well as my legs!  Speaking of legs...  It did take me a while to find my "skating legs" - I was a windmill for at least the first half.  But then I found my balance, and even started to get the hang of the cross-over turn.  Spinning, squatting, and skating backwards will have to wait.  I got a little cocky, and so I fell twice.  I'm not going to count all the times I grabbed at other skaters - a very common occurrence for nearly everyone - all in all, not too bad.

Some details: the rink is in San Pedro, just across the circunvalacion from the Mall San Pedro.  Skate times are at 1-3:30, 4-6:30, and 7-10.  Entry and skate rental is c2000 (about $4) at the 4:00 time slot.  You can choose between in-line or traditional skates.  Skate are in USA sizes.  Shoe (etc) check runs c150, but some people keep a small backpack with them for that instead.  Sodas are c500.  I did not hear any songs from KC and the Sunshine Band, but there were definitely others from that "original" era of skating.

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