Sunday, December 19, 2010

Replacing Glassware: the Never-Ending Story

Clink, clink, CRASH!  There goes another one!

Tile floors and glassware just do not mix!  I love tile floors for so many reasons, but there is just that one thing that I would like to be different.  One little bout of fumble-fingers, and your glass is toast.  Then you have to wear shoes around the house for a few days while the glass slivers overcome their shyness.

The fortunate thing is that we got over any sentimentality long ago - glasses are just glasses.  When we run low, we make a run to the store and stock up again. 

And we do run low - I think my record is three broken glasses in two days.  One glass made it through a single pouring of wine before it cracked.  We still have one glass from our original batch, but I'm thinking of getting a pool going for it's crash date...


Anonymous said...


How did you know to write this???

I just an hour ago finished fixing dinner here in Tampa and in the process dropped my TWO 8-cup Pyrex handled mixing bowls both at once. [ sigh ]

I did have them for about 20 years though, so I got a lot of use out of them.

I used a long-handled 'grabber' to pick up the llarger shards and a broom and dustpan to get the smalls, but sweep as I may there are still a few tiny flakes there glinting on the floor. Time to get out the ol' vacuum and go over the area thoroughly.

Shattered in Tampa!

Paul M.

Julie said...

it's a world-wide phenomenon...