Friday, December 17, 2010

Paradise Redeemed

Most of this week, it has been colder than aich-ee-double-toothpicks!  ehm, in the Nordic sense, that is.  But today!  Ahhh today!  Paradise has redeemed itself!  The air was soft again, the sun was out, and my sweater found its way into my carry bag and stayed there. 

On top of all that lovely-weather-ness, my day was pretty much paradisaical from a "what's happening" point of view too :-).  My morning was slow - trying experiments with showers, coffee, breakfast, etc to try to break some nasty headache / acidic stomach issues.  Not so lovely, but the great thing is that we have the ability to actually try these different things - not possible in our old life...

Then, while I'm waiting for my bus, my fellow bus-waiter and I start chatting... in Spanish, and I'm holding my own!  Turns out, we are heading to nearly the same place - and it's two buses away!  So, we sit together, talking more, then walk to our next bus, still talking, then ride out... Ultimately, I'm speaking Spanish with someone, making more sense than not, understanding almost everything, for almost 2 hours - I feel all warm and fuzzy :-).

Next, I catch my 3rd bus of the morning, alone this time, but with my new French book.  I make it through a couple of pages before my stop (hmmm, that's half an hour, if you're wondering how fast I can read).  I absorbed more summer sun for a few minutes, then my paint-buddy picked me up, we went back to her house, had an *excellent* lunch, and then painted for the afternoon! 

I finished (and signed - very important to do) my canvas, a collage of flowers, then started on a new project.  I'm trying out acrylics on broadcloth - I plan to stitch it to some vanes, and have my very own hand-fan; just in time for summer :-)

The weather held all afternoon and into the evening - I caught my return buses without too much delay (I suppose I've just gotten used to my neighborhood bus being perpetually late - sigh).  Rick had some wine chilling, so we got caught up over a nice glass or two, had dinner, watched a couple of TV shows, and relaxed! Oh yeah, brownies for dessert! :-D.

Does it get much better than that?

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