Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've been framed!  Well, a couple of my paintings have been, anyway ;-)

My new life now includes painting sessions with my "painting buddy" - I feel I can say that I paint now because I go to friend Linda's place almost every Friday, and we spend the day just painting - it's officially one of those pass-times that get me into "the zone," and nothing else enters my sphere of awareness - how wonderful to have found another of those :-D.

The nice thing is that I have an awful lot of bare walls to fill up, and Rick seems to like what I paint.  I looked around a bit for a framing place.  I had no idea of what was a reasonable cost, and what could be done with a painting, so it took some looking, asking and comparing.  At the high end was an art gallery in San José - they would mat and frame with glass my small painting for c20,000 (about $40).  I kept that in mind, and checked in (and tried to check in) at a couple of other places.  I finally took my painting to:

Miró Galeria y Enmarcado
San Pedro, Barrio La Garanja,
de Ferreteréa El Mar 100 sur y 25 este
2280-0672 / 2283-8081

They quoted c9,000 ($18) for double-mat, non-glare glass and frame.  They even have a discount for artists who are framing their own work!  Hmmm - I left my painting there, and picked it up a week later.
I decided to leave my next one too!  (The larger one was c15,000, and ready in 2 weeks because of the Xmas season.)


roni said...

good for you! you go girl!
they look great! I like the POV on the ginger!

Julie said...