Monday, December 6, 2010

French Student Party

Thursday, the Alliance Française in Costa Rica threw a year-end party for all the French students - what a blast!  Everyone was "encouraged" (we weren't *actually* threatened) to dress up as something that started with either "A" or "F" - in French, bien sûr! 

Then the students had a little "show" and contest - the "artichoke / artichaut" won for the "A's"

The "cheese / fromage" won for the "F's"
And the "Black Angel / Ange Noir" won for (darned if I know what the third group was!)

I went as "l'Abondance," and carried a jazzed-up cornucopia, wore a harvest crown, and (of course!) carried a glass of wine! :-)

My teacher and her fiancé came as a flower and martial artist...
I found some friends from previous classes too!
And caught some candids...

Oh yes!  One other thing - there was a raffle, and I won a gift certificate to a *very* nice French restaurant - Le Monastère.  Sounds like I'd better pass my finals...

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