Friday, December 26, 2008

A Quiet Few Days

We just got home after a nice quiet visit with friends – just what we needed after our hectic first few weeks back!

We took several buses on the 24th, watched the fireworks that evening, spent the 25th watching the clouds flit through the blue sky,

and took more buses home again today.

We were forewarned that there would be no bus on the 25th, but completely forgot about the tope (horse parade) that would shut down Paséo Colón today – what a surprise! At least we are becoming used to surprises, and so when the bus turned the “wrong direction” in San José, we weren’t alarmed. But it did throw a monkey wrench into our “bus connection” plans :-S. We ended up walking the pedestrian boulevard instead of riding a bus for part of our return. Not a lot of fun with a guitar and two backpacks. Still, with a late lunch thrown in, we got home in 3 hours, none the worse for wear.

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