Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008 - Sunday in the Park with Friends

Today we caught up with some more friends! We met Norman, Isabel, and Nico in La Sabana park – Nico is now 2 years old! He didn’t quite remember us, but we didn’t scare him either :-).

We hadn’t been to La Sabana park before, just ridden buses past it, so it was nice to experience the park as well.


Arp said...

That must have been a pleasant surprise. Nico's looking like a real cutie - those curls are adorable.

Julie said...

We're trying to catch up w/ folks, but it is a slow process - gotta take care of all the "settling in" necessities as well. But Norman and Isabel have Sunday afternoons off, and La Sabana was a *great* place to meet! Reasonable drive for them, and reasonable bus rides for us...
Isabel says that a *lot* of people play w/ Nico's curls :-D.