Monday, December 22, 2008

Fixing our Caja – Costa Rican Medical Insurance

One *big* thing we had on our ¨must do¨ list was to fix our Costa Rican medical insurance – the Caja. Rick was fine, but he was still affiliated with the Alajuela clinic (he registered there last year when we lived there). All he had to do was to change the affiliation to San Pedro. But *mine* - ugh! Last year, we didn´t have a recent marriage certificate, and so we couldn´t get my affiliation set up at all! So, this time we came armed :-). We had a marriage certificate, plus we got a copy of our translated and stamped marriage certificate from our residency package (now 3 years old). No problem!

Friday, we walked around asking people where the clinic was, and found it (after it was closed, of course) – it is only a block away!

This morning, we went in and changed Rick´s papers, and got mine started. I have to call after Thursday to find out when to come in and get my card (and this is Christmas week, when you don´t expect to get *anything* done)!

After we have our cards, we can make an appointment to see a doctor – but we have to do that by coming into the clinic at 6:00 a.m - SIX in the MORNING!

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