Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Local Supermarket

I can’t *believe* our new “local supermarket” is the Auto-Mercado! This is *the* most expensive market around – it mainly carries high-end, hard-to-find products. The best example of this is a scant double-handful of cherries – you won’t believe this – is $25 (TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS)!

So, we didn’t buy cherries… We did ok – got some breakfast basics for about the same (if you count inflation) as in Alajuela. Skipped the $40 scotch too.

And after we move into our new apartment - yay! - we'll be closer to others - Más x Menos and another.

To be fair, Auto-Mercado is a great place to go when you have a yen for something you can’t find easily. They probably have it, and you can survive another few months :-D.


Arp said...

$40 for cherries?! omg. I thought the $20 California apples were too much. At least they carry Guinness - I know I'll be jonesing for a stout at some point.

Julie said...

LOL - I suppose it really *matters* how many you get :)