Friday, December 19, 2008

December 18, 2008 - Our Carrito!

We found a shopping cart! Here we were, all set to go on another hunt for the Cemaco in Zapote – find the right bus, find the store, look for the cart, get back home… Ugh! Sure, we’ll probably have to find the Cemaco eventually, but if it can wait a while, so much the better. What did we do to avoid this headache? We decided to just stroll through a couple of our local department stores – we have a Yamuni and a Muñoz y Nanne right down our street, so we looped through. And found it! They are quite a bit more expensive than those I had seen in the Target in California tho – Target = $10, MyN = c21,000 (about $38). Still, when you are talking about saving your hands and back from lugging groceries home, you don’t quibble so much.

While at MyN, we also found some *round* shower curtain rings – the “rings” on our curtain are oval, and not quite wide enough for the shower rod. Often, the shower rods here are pretty small – about ½ the diameter of those you can find in the states – so the smaller rings would work. But (of course) *our* shower rod is bigger. And yes, size *does* sometimes matter :-D.

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