Saturday, December 6, 2008

On the Move Again!

We’re on the move again! This time, we packed up the house in California, and got it ready to rent out. We have been splitting our time for the past 3 years between California and Costa Rica, but keeping our base in California. Now it’s time to switch the pattern!

Our saga (this time) started a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving – our decision date for leaving or staying a while longer arrived, and it looked like the best thing to do was to go. So *bam!* we had to get crackin’ – we had already made plans to visit with my family for Thanksgiving, so that became our deadline for moving out of the house. We contacted a rental agent and set up the transfer of everything, got a moving van, and packed, packed, packed! Dad and Brother drove down early on “the day” and then we all spent SEVEN (7!) hours loading the van and finishing the packing. We finally got down to only a couple of “I don’t know” boxes (you know, those things that you just don’t know what to do with, so you toss them in a box, tape it up, and deal with it later). We had already had a couple of donation pick-ups earlier in the week, and couldn’t set up a final one (nor a final “large” garbage pick-up). So, we also had to load up quite a bit of stuff that we donated in my family’s town. It’s amazing what 13+ years of nooks and crannies can accumulate!

We finally got loaded, and took a small break before taping up the “final bathroom box” and heading out. This is now Tuesday evening of Thanksgiving week – and peak rush hour. We were a bit apprehensive, but it turned out that there was only an extra hour on the entire trip – a total of 4 hours driving, with the first hour and a half in stop-and-go traffic. I was driving the (26 foot) van, and noticed what could have been either really rough road, or really bad tire. So, I pulled off and checked – Dad was right behind me (yay! I’m not really alone!), and all the tires were good. Now to get back on the freeway – ouch! Can’t go back the way I came off – get directions, run up a curb. what fun…

Safe and sound at my folks’ home – we unload just what we need for the night and conk out. The next morning, we start unloading – a couple of hours to fill the carport and 2 rooms of Mom and Dad’s house with boxes of stuff (weren’t *they* happy!), then a few more unloading at the storage shed. Got the van gassed up and returned (one more check on the list!).

Thanksgiving day, we spent sorting through boxes for re-packing and donating – then took a truck load over to donate, and a few more items to storage. Whew! got the rooms (mostly) cleared in time for the family dinner on Friday. The stress level is going *down!*

Now we have a week to finish our “to do” list :-)


Arp said...

Yay! Glad to hear you're heading back down. We're in pack pack pack mode. And toss/freecycle/craigslist mode.

I'm also hoping to avoid the baggage PITA you had to deal with at the airport. We need to get our ducks in a row since we'll have the baggage and 4 cats.

Julie said...

I am sooo glad that is over for us! I don't envy you one bit - especially with kids (and one on the way). I can't even imagine it.
Definitely look into the cats thing - a friend told us when she brought hers, it counted as her only allowed carry-on, and she had to check her other one at the last minute - cost her an extra $100. And that was before all this #$%#$ baggage charges!
Baggage limits are in place from mid-November to mid-March for San Jose.
Still - just keep thinking about how much less stress will be in your lives after (AFTER!) :-D.
Good luck!