Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arenal Trip

When Big Bro Karl was here, we all trundled up to see the Arenal Volcano - what a sight! The weather certainly cooperated, and so did the volcano! :-)

Since we had to wait until I was out of school, we couldn't take the direct bus from San Jose to La Fortuna (last one is late morning). So, we took the bus from San Jose to San Carlos, then switched to the bus to La Fortuna. We stayed a couple of kilometers North of town, at the Roca Negra Inn - definitely recommended. We walked to a soda for meals, and a bit further to a grocery store to load up on breakfast and cafecito stuff. The innkeeper arranged a tour of the volcano for us - they were full of good advice, very dependent on what was important to us. We elected to skip the hot springs this time, but only because we knew we'd be back.

We spent Thursday through Saturday relaxing, watching the volcano from our front stoop, swimming in the pool, and walking around a bit. Coming back to San Jose, we took the bus to San Ramon, then switched to the San Jose bus. That was a mistake - ugh! Definitely the direct to SJ is best, the next best is the La Fortuna-San Carlos-San Jose route.

For more pictures, click here.

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