Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Weekend in Puerto Viejo (English)

(here is what you get when you take a class in a foreign language - information, but kinda stilted...)

I had a long weekend. (French version here)

Thursday, my brother, Karl, and I took the bus to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. On the bus, there were people from many countries. Our neighbors spoke English, French, Spanish, and German. After 4 hours, when we were almost there, a man was getting off the bus - I noticed, with surprise, that I knew him! Unfortunately, we only had time for a quick greeting.

That evening, we ate at the restaurant "Café Ivan." While talking to the owner, I thought "This situation sounds familiar." So, I said "Does your mother live here also?" What do you know! I knew her family electronically! What a small world!

The next day, we walked to Playa Cocles, along the beach trail. I asked people at the beach if there was a good surfing teacher. Two men introduced us to Santiago; he and Karl arranged a lesson. Karl learned to surf, and I watched them. Karl surfed, and he fell. But the women were watching. So, he surfed again and again. He became tired, and sore all over.

That afternoon, I stayed at the pool. I glanced up, and I saw... Joe! My friend! He was vacationing too! What a *very* small world!

Saturday, Karl and I rented bicycles and snorkel equipment. We bought food at the supermarket, and we rode to Punta Uva. We found a spot on the beach, and we snorkeled. Karl had no problem, but my snorkel leaked. So, I only dove a few times. Contentedly, I relaxed.

Saturday afternoon, Karl told our French neighbors at the hotel that I had learned a little French. I turned red, and stumbled through some sentences, but I spoke! While I was speaking, the *very* nice man watched me, and held his breath until I was done.

Sunday, my weekend was over. Because he decided to stay, my brother put me on the bus - with a huge grin.

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