Tuesday, March 2, 2010

National Theater

On Tuesdays, at noon, you can see short productions (usually music) at the National Theater in downtown San José. We went, deciding to take our chances on whatever was on - and we got *lucky!* FLAMENCO! One of the hottest dances, paired with fabulous guitar, flute, drums, and husky, gutsy singing.

We got there at 10 minutes before noon, and all but the upper floor was sold out. At c500 per ticket, it is pretty popular. We were mesmerized, and so didn't notice what time it ended - but it is less than an hour, as many Ticos come to see a show on their lunch break. This same group "Soy Gitano" is playing a full performance this Saturday and Sunday evenings - definitely see it if you can!

Karl had an especially nice time, since (as usual) the prettiest girl in the theater sat next to him...

Info on "Gitano"

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Rick said...

Yes, the prettiest girl in the theater sat next to him, but why aren't you in the picture? :)