Sunday, April 18, 2010

Symphony at the National Theater

I am *definitely* going back! This morning, I went to the National Theater to see the symphony - when those first phrases of cello drifted up, I cried. I am trying to remember the last time I went to *any* symphony, and can't - but it has been at least 10 years.

On the program today: Schubert Symphony #8, Haydn Concerto for trumpet and orchestra, Proto A Carmen Fantasy for Trumpet and Orchestra, Mendelssohn Symphony Italiana.

Giuseppe Mega was the guest conductor, and he was very dynamic! He moved all over his dais, and I think I even heard a little stomp or two from his feet :).

The guest trumpeter was Jens Lindemann, a Canadian living in California. What a character! He came out for the Haydn wearing a sparkly electric-blue blazer, and preened (what else to call it?) for the audience. That was just a hint of what was to come. After the intermission, he wore bright red! What else should he have worn for Carmen? Fantastic trumpeting, preening, and - on top of all that - he got the orchestra to shout OLÉ on cue! THEN, he got the *audience* to do it! He mugged, walked around the stage while playing, and blew a "trumpet kiss" during the piece. And after that, he played an encore! He got his new friend Carlos, a bass fiddler, to come out from the orchestra, and together they played the jazz tune "Sugar Blues." What a treat :-D

Logistics: I caught the Escalante bus a bit after 9:35, got to the National Theater shortly after, bought my "cheap-seat" ticket for c3,000 (about $6), and was sitting in my place by 10:00. By about 10:20, the place was nearly full - just a few seats on the edges were unfilled. The symphony started a bit after 10:30, and was over at about 12:30. I know you can call or stop by for reservations (I didn't do this, but may in the future).

Next symphony: Friday, April 30 @ 8:00pm and Sunday, May 2 @ 10:30am - Berlioz Condemnation of Faust, Kodaly Harry Jones Suite, Faurè Requiem.


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Jennifer said...

I thought of you as we were nearby. Any idea who it was playing in the National Park?

Julie said...

@Stacey and Jen - We should actually meet up one of these days...
Jen - I thought I saw somewhere who it was at the National Park, but now I can't find it :(.
However, coming up this week are flutes! Check out Stacey's page: