Friday, April 16, 2010

Sabana-Cementerio buses

It's kind of funny how complacent you can get about bus routes after a while. I was recently reminded of how anxious I was about getting from one side of San Jose to the other - we didn't do it except by taxi for the longest time! So, I posted the below information on a forum, and realized that it should be available for future use - thus, a blog post...

The Sabana-Cementerio buses go between La Sabana and the Caja (basically).

Ruta 1: starting on Paseo Colon, goes East to the West end of the pedestrian mall, then jags right then left to parallel it. Passes Parque Merced and the Alajuela bus terminal, goes all the way past the National Theatre to the CCSS (caja). Then it turns South, then back West along the South side of Clínica Bíblica. It turns slightly North to a small park by the Banco National by the CB, then continues West again towards ARCR, then back to Paseo Colon.

Ruta 2: starting at La Sabana park Gymnasium (SE corner), it goes East along Ave 10 (North of CB), then turns North to pass along the West side of the CCSS (caja). Then it jags right (to Ave 2, and the front of the caja), then left to go North, past the East end of the pedestrian mall (passing the San Pedro bus terminal - not a building, BTW). It then zig-zags back West, paralleling the pedestrian mall, passing *many* bus stops for destinations North and East of SJ, passing the tall Banco National and SJ Correo, Coca-Cola, Grecia and Puriscal bus terminals, then parallels Paseo Colon for a few blocks West of Hospital San Juan de Dios. Then it turns South, crossing PC, turns right, and passes ARCR, and back to La Sabana park.

Ruta 7 (estadio) is a much different route, with some overlaps - I have yet to ride it, but I understand it goes to the USA Embassy.

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