Monday, April 4, 2011

We're in the Pink

There's an explosion of pink, and we're right in the middle of it!
And just to balance things out, one non-pink flower:


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted these pix, Julie. I asked a couple people the other day whether these pink trees were just starting or ending and they didn't know.

I know they are 'roble de sabana' which is most likely Tabebuia ipe or T. parkeri, and I enjoy them when they bloom in Florida, looking for all the world like huge cones of pink cotton candy.

Now I'll be waiting for them all to reach their peak of profusion in a week or so here in Costa Rica.

I'm never here quite in time for the Llama del Bosques with their burnt orange heads lighting up the landscape, so these pink glories will surely do that for me for now.


Paul M.

Julie said...

Happy to whet your appetite, especially with these! That first picture doesn't quite capture that street of pink - it has flowers all the way from almost white to vivid almost fuchsia.
I almost got the orange trees posted, but kept missing the best shots over by Hospital Mexico - orange against blue sky, beautiful!
And of course there are the purple ones (still a bit in bloom at UCR), and the yellow beauties (pretty much gone now).
I walk now to school, and it's like walking on confetti.

Casey Bahr said...

Tabebuia come in yellow, too! They make Ipe wood and many parts of the tree have medicinal uses. We just planted two on our finca.

Ciao cacao!

- Casey

myhotelvoucher said...

wow, is it pink flower season? never been to costa rica b4. looks like a beautiful season though.