Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ghost Town Stay-cation

Who wouldn't like a stay-cation when you live in Costa Rica?  That's what we decided to do this week, Semana Santa, probably the biggest beach-travel week in the country.  We spent Monday and Tuesday stocking up, taking care of errands and chores around town.  Wednesday, I was all set to enjoy the day at home, when I saw the news report - Thursday and Friday, by law, are *DRY!*  That is, absolutely *no* alcohol can be sold on those two days.  Having never personally dealt with blue laws (only even heard about them well into adulthood), and often relied on 24-hour supermarkets for "oops we're out, gotta make a beer run" emergencies, this was a bit new.  Lickety-split, I took the cart down to the store and piled in the spirits - 'cause, you know, if a day is supposed to be dry, well, ya just gotta drink, right?  (I exaggerate just a bit)

But we did while away the weekend in our cave, and it was lovely :-)


stanhopi said...

Hey...! You coulda toured around San José which is always a ghost town on Thursday and Friday of Semana Santa.

No traffic, nobody, no nothing -but the buildings.

A great opportunity to go sightseeing for historic buildings and get some great photos!


Paul M.

Julie said...

We did that before - not much to see except a bunch of rolled-down-and-locked storefronts.
I thought about taking pictures of that, and then figured it wouldn't really add much, and didn't look very interesting.