Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Norman in Action

Lunch at Jalapeño's in Alajuela is always a treat!  Not only do we get great food, but watching Norman and his crew in action is fun (and informative!).

------ where is it? -------
From the North-East corner of the Cathedral, go North 1 1/2 blocks.  It's on the right.
Go 1/2 block South from the post office.

Note that all streets inside the Calle Ancha in centro Alajula are one-way streets.  This one goes North. Of course, if you're walking, that doesn't really matter :-)

Sometimes a map helps: http://goodlightbooks.com/alajuela/map.html


Anonymous said...

Dang... Wish I'd known y'all were gonna be there. I almost went in for dinner, then decided to stay home and read.

I'm less than 4 minutes away, just around the corner.

Sorry to have missed you.

Paul M.

Julie said...

Time Flies! I didn't realize you were back already!
Welcome home :-)

Erin said...

oh mah goodness - is this a mexican restaurant???

Julie said...

It's as Tex-Mex as you can get in Costa Rica! :-D

My favs (best w/ Bavaria Negro):
- chicken quesadillas w/ salsa picante mixed into natilla
- enchillada w/ same

Rick's fav:
- beef fajitas

Erin in Costa Rica said...

^ where is the like button?! Can't wait to try it out!!!