Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sabana Estadio Bus - San Jose

I had a short day of school yesterday, so I took a long-anticipated scouting trip on the Sabana Estadio bus! It took about an hour, and I saw part of San Jose that I haven't seen much of before, including a nice view of the new stadium being built.
I just missed a bus at 11:05, but caught one at 11:10 - I'm not sure if that says anything conclusive about the schedule, though. That was across the street from the National Gymnasium, and in front of the Libreria Universal (Sabana Sur). At 11:25, we stopped in downtown San Jose, in front of the Banco Popular, across the avenida from the National Theatre. Turned out this was the terminal (marked w/ a double cross on the map below), and we all had to get off the bus. I hopped on the next outgoing bus, and we rounded the caja and headed West. We were back at the east end of La Sabana park by 11:55, and passed the stadium a couple of minutes after noon. (I think) because this was noon, my bus took an alternate route (marked by "A" on the map), and bypassed the Libreria Universal at 12:12.
By 12:32, I was back at the Banco Popular terminal, and headed downtown to meet Rick for lunch :-).

After all this time, thinking that we were missing out on a perfect bus route, it was actually nice to know that we weren't really missing much. But it is still good to know a new route!
(oh yeah, one ride = c160, or about 30 cents)


Julie said...

The map of San Jose that I started with is from ARCR (

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, You always wonder what's the exact route!