Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Asian Groceries to Your Door

If you enjoy Asian cooking, you will *love* "Super Sony" in San José! It is an Asian market *full* of delightful foods - prepared sauces, spices, dried mushrooms, interesting candies, umpteen types of rice, wasabi, fresh eggplant, tofu, soy cheeses...

If you need chopsticks, steamers, soup spoons, or whatever, they have that too. Oh! and an *enormous* wok! at *least* a yard in diameter - c75.000 and it's yours!

For my friends living in Costa Rica who can't (or just don't want to) get into San José often, this joy will take your grocery list via phone or email, and send your goodies to you - anywhere in the country! While you would probably want to make at least a first trip in to see what is possible, all you need to do* for deliveries is:
1) call or email your list (English or Spanish) to Carolina:
carolina REMOVE_THIS [at] supersony [dot] com
2) they will reply with a price and date available, and money transfer info
3) transfer money to them
4) wait for you goodies to arrive!

* my caveat - I haven't done this, since I live near enough (and don't need stuff that often)

To get there, go 350 m South of the National Theatre on Calle 3. It's on the left, between Ave 8 and Ave 10.

I went today, and this evening's dinner was a fabulous Chicken and Veggies in Garlic Black Bean Sauce - to die for!


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool find. I didn't know they did that in San Jose. I will have to stop by sometime. I love Chinese everything.

Julie said...

Phil asked how to get here from Rhormoser, near the USA Embassy.
1) across the street from the embassy, catch the Pavas/SJ bus heading into downtown.
2) either
a) get off at the first stop on Paseo Colon and catch the Sabana Cementerio bus Ruta 1 (http://julieandrickincostarica.blogspot.com/2010/04/sabana-cementerio-buses.html). Get off at the Caja (a major stop, across the street and slightly East of the National Theatre)
b) get off at the stadium and catch the Sabana Estadio bus (http://julieandrickincostarica.blogspot.com/2010/07/sabana-estadio-bus-san-jose.html). Get off at the terminus at the Banco Popular (across the street from the National Theatre, and just West of the Caja).
3) Locate the front door of the National Theatre, and walk South from there 3 1/2 blocks. Come on a Tuesday, and enjoy the MedioDia concert as well! (http://www.teatronacional.go.cr/)
---- to return ---
Probably the best way, but I haven't done it, so can't confirm it:
1) take Sabana Estadio to the ICE office opposite the Sabana Park.
2) catch the Pavas bus to the embassy

1) catch the Sabana Cementerio Ruta 2 at the Caja. Note that *both* Routes use this stop; make sure you catch the correct bus.
2) get off at the Funeral sign shown here (http://julieandrickincostarica.blogspot.com/2009/03/usa-embassy-trip.html).
3) catch the Pavas bus to the embassy.