Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home Cookin'

Unbelievable!  We've been home from France for 4 weeks, and we finally went out to lunch!  I don't think I've had so many meals in a row at home in... well, ever!

I think part of it is that we were on the road so much for so long - four weeks of travel, and I only cooked twice.  We were constantly on the move (for us, that is - I know plenty of folks who stay one short night in each place and move on early).  When we finally got home, we sort of dug in :-).

Another part is that it is rainy season, perfect bundle-up-and-stay-at-home weather.

The other part is that I don't have very much pulling me away from home.  I don't have French or Spanish class this session, and I work from home.  I did go for art day (yay!), but that doesn't involve restaurants at all.  My only reason I absolutely have for leaving the house is to get groceries. 

Time to get back into my walking routine - go out for a walk, then decide where to go :-D.


Diana said...

It's grand to be away but nice to get back home.

Julie, I have a question. I've been unable to access the "A New Life in Costa Rica" blog for quite some time. I always get the message that it's server is not responding.

Are you having the same problem? I've tried with Safari and also Firefox, but no go.

I miss reading that blog. Thanks.

Julie said...

Hi Diana - I just checked, and I can get to Jen's blog fine. I click on the link to it on my right column. (I use Firefox). Do you have any java scripts blocked? It's possible you need to have these enabled.