Friday, June 10, 2011

USA Embassy to National Theatre by Bus

I've had a "bus" request!  Someone asked me how to get from the USA Embassy to the National Theatre (and environs), so... here goes!

Across the street from the Embassy, catch the Pavas bus towards downtown San José.  Get off on Paseo Colón at the first opportunity.  Catch either:
- the Sabana Cementerio (Ruta 1) bus and take it all the way to the Caja, or
- the Sabana Estadio bus and take it to the terminus at the Banco Popular (one block West of the Caja).
Either way, you will be across Avenida 2 (South) from the National Theatre.

If you miss the Paseo Colón stop, and end up at the terminus of the Pavas bus, then simply walk South a block or two to the Paseo Colón and catch the next Sabana bus there.  You will be in front of the San Juan de Dios hospital.

Once you are near the National Theatre, you can walk South 3 or 4 blocks to the Super Sony (Asian food store).  A block or two on your way, you will pass Casa Alfi on the right.

You can also go West from the National Theatre along the pedestrian walkway to Lehmann's, Universal, and a wide variety of shops and street vendors.  There are quite a few places to buy sewing material on the West end of the pedestrian walkway.

If you go East from the National Theatre about 3 blocks, you will see the terminus for the San Pedro buses.  North from here is the Parque España, Morazan, and CENAC, as well as the Alliance Français (behind the Holiday Inn).  On the street beside the Holiday Inn is Mora's used books.

To return to the Embassy, catch the Sabana Estadio from the Banco Popular.  Get off at Parque La Sabana, in front of the ICE office, and switch to the Pavas bus.  Make sure to ask the driver if it is in fact going to the USA Embassy (remember, there are a ton of embassies in San José, so make sure you ask for the *USA* embassy :-) ).

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