Monday, March 7, 2011

No Gas!!!

Argh!  I ran out of gas! 

I use propane gas from a small tank for cooking, and *love* it!  But I was always paranoid about running out of gas in the middle of cooking - after all, when else would you run out of gas?  So, about a year ago (or was it two?), I got a second tank.  The *idea* was to always have a full back-up tank.  When the one in use became empty, I would switch tanks, and *immediately* call the gas guy to give me a refill.  One tank usually lasts 3 months.  Well, I kept my empty around just a little too long this time, and last night (Sunday, the one day the gas guy does not deliver), my dinner was nearly done, and ... phft!  No gas. Luckily, I have a microwave, and the dinner was nearly cooked, so we got to eat...

I let Pura Vida get the better of me - but then Pura Vida took care of me too :-)

---- if you need cooking gas ----
Tropigas delivers (to many places, but not all) Monday - Saturday, 7am - 7pm.  Their free servicio express center is 800-876-7442.  They exchange your empty tank for a full one, and charge the going rate for the gas (currently just under c9000 for a 25# tank).  The first time you call, they get all your pertinent information (phone number, address, needs, etc).  The next time:
- you say you want servicio express
- they confirm your address (based on the number you call from, which they can see)
- they tell you the price, based on your last order
- you tell them what bills you will pay with (so they will have the correct change)
- they will give you a time estimate; mine has been delivered anywhere between 15 minutes and and hour and a half
- I always ask if the guy can test the tank(s).  The last time, he tightened my regulator valve for me :-)
- *Immediately* bake some cookies to make sure everything is working right...


Alison said...

Oh yes. I remember about remembering to fill that second tank.
Now I worry about losing power. With all electric we'd be SOL. I need to brush up on my grilling skills.

Julie said...

I hear ya! You should talk to Jen (your new neighbor) about alternative power...