Monday, March 23, 2009

New Cédulas!

Last week, we picked up our new Cédulas! It was so ridiculously easy, it hardly seems worth writing about. But, it *is* a milestone, so...

It took us quite a while to get to the office - we took the Periférica bus from San Pedro to the "muy feo" part of town (a few nasty blocks North of the end of the North-South pedestrian boulevard, near Fischel and Banco National). Then we walked around asking all the green bus-drivers (drivers of the green buses) if they were going to migración. We walked around and around, and finally asked at a soda. Half a block away, we caught the direct bus to migración.

At migración, we went directly to the window (previously pointed out to us), where there were perhaps 2 people in front of us. We waited all of 5 minutes, then took perhaps a minute each to get our new cédulas. Geez! no reading time! no chatting with the other unfortunates waiting in the interminable line! what is Costa Rica coming to!

We went back out to the street and waited about 10 minutes for the green "pista" bus, took it back to Paséo Colón, took our new cédulas to the bank, took care of some business at ARCR, and had lunch at a *great* Argentinian restaurant "Aquí Es." We caught the Periférica home again.

Now *all* of my IDs have new pictures! No more strange looks ("this isn't really you, is it?") :-D.

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