Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flowering Trees!

Summer was *made* for flowers! Costa Rica is home to a whole *bunch* of trees that bloom after the leaves drop - they are *fabulous!*

Of course, you *need* a funky bench to sit on too...


stanhopi said...

All those flowering trees you show make me wanna be there all the more: the purple jacaranda, the orange poró and the lavendar 'roble' (tabebuia) paint the landscapes in colorful tropic hues.

I like the funky bench, too. Costa Rica is so inventive when is comes to stuff like this. Here in the U.S. it is unlikely that anyone would modify (what looks to be) lift station fixtures into a place to sit.


Paul M.

Julie said...

Thanks for filling in the names, Paul!
I walked under the purple one not long ago - wow! the scent was *fab!*
Every time I take that bus ride past all those trees, I feel like I'm floating - how perfect *is* this place!
ok, I have to have one sentence without an exclamation point...